Online casino live Baccarat by real money for cool emotions.

Online casino live Baccarat real money features

According to experts of the global gambling industry, online casinos are becoming more popular among people around the world every year. Gamers play various slots, Roulette, many types of Poker and Blackjack. Online Baccarat, both the classic version and the mini one, is also quite popular, especially among professional fortune hunters who prefer casino games with analytical meaning.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now play online casino live Baccarat real money also in mobile applications for Android or iOS. Any of the sites offer users playing options in free and paid modes. Moreover, it is very convenient and practical, because you can first learn the skills in the Demo mode and only then, you can make real bets.

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How to play Baccarat – professional advices

For gamers who have decided to start playing online casino live Baccarat real money, first need to learn about all the rules of this card fun. They are actually quite simple and can be understood even by beginners who have never played in an online casino before.

The main thing you need to know about this game – there are only two participants, a dealer and a player. You have to bet on one of them. Also, you can bet your money on the draw option. It is necessary to make a decision on the bet before the cards are dealt to the participants.

The croupier starts the card round. He gives the cards to each of the participants of Baccarat. Cards should lie face down. The winner in the round is the one who has a stronger combination by points. And this in turn depends on the denomination of each particular card. For example – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 have a face value equal to its index number.

Next, 10 and higher cards equal 0 points. An ACE is an equivalent to 1 point. If the player has a combination of more than 10 points, in this case only the right digit of the number is taken into account. For example, the number 14 means only 4 points.

In 2019 the following types of Baccarat real money are available for players:

  • Punto Banco. The most common type of game. This round has the classic rules mentioned above. The name refers to gaming hands, where “Punto” means “player” and “Banco” means “Bank”.
  • Chemin de fer. This version of the online card competition is that the role of the dealer belongs to the players themselves. The advantage here is also the fact that in case of loss of 5 points, players can take an additional card.
  • An-Bank. Popular European version. The meaning is similar to the previous description of the type. Here the game is played on 3 hands.
  • Super Pan 9. A very popular option in the American online casino. The peculiarity of this round is that here the whole process takes place with a deck of 36 cards. Each participant gets 3 cards in hand. Also, there is a possibility of taking an additional 4 cards if it desired by players.
  • Three Baccarat Cards. This type of game is widely popular in Asia. The game is played with 1 deck, 3 cards are dealt in both hands. The winner is the participant who has the most valuable cards in their hands.

Optimal strategies

Do you want to know the best ways to play real money Baccarat? Then pay close attention to the advice of knowledgeable gamers who have repeatedly tested the best strategies and found the most effective tactics.

If you want to know can you make money playing Baccarat, then read several best options:

  • 1-3-2-4. This type of game is that the players in the round constantly increase the stakes. The meaning of the strategy is to increase investments in order to cover all possible losses. This does not mean that using this strategy you are immune from defeat. However, this means that using this method of competition you have a better chance of winning.
  • One-sided strategy. It consists in the fact that bets are placed only on one person: either the player or the dealer. In addition, this position remains unchanged throughout the round. The exception is the situation when using this method; users have lost three times in a row. In this case, the strategy is reversed. The sequence of moves and analytical balance of each of your decisions – that is the key to victory over the casino in Baccarat.
  • Passwords. A variant of a successful game in which players increase the bet size only when they win. Thus, the sequence of bets looks like a series of numbers 1-2-4, and after the third win you will return to the original version and start all over again.